Dharma + Dwell Rose Hydrosol Mist and Cotton Round

$ 14


By purchasing hydrosol in a reusable and refillable glass bottle, you are minimizing your single-use plastic waste consumption and helping to promote a more circular economy. 

Hydrosols are the pure and natural waters that are produced during the steam distillation of plant materials such as leaves, flowers, peeks, berries, wood, stems and roots. Offering skin care benefits and uplifting aromatherapy properties; they may wonderful single ingredient perfumes, deodorants, facial toners, air fresheners, linen and aromatherapy sprays! Rose hydrosol is particularly good for aging, irritated, and dry skin. 


Replaces single-use disposable facial rounds/make up remover pads packaged in plastic.

These make-up removal pads are made of organic cotton Terry, which is absorbent and soft while offering a beneficial texture to remove dead skin, dirt, and other daily debris. Organic cotton Terry is a fabric that is very durable over time, allowing you to get the most use out of your pads.

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