Why We Give

As we travel the world on business we see beautiful handmade furniture, clothing, jewelry, and accessories. We also see a world full of talented artists making these gorgeous things, many of them women. 

What makes those women different from us? Opportunity. And we couldn't ignore the disparity any longer.

Collections by Joya is a curated selection of handcrafted jewelry and accessories made by amazingly talented women artisans around the world.

Your subscription to Collections by Joya is an easy way for us to care for these women and the ones closer to home- the ones in our own lives. Give a subscription or share part of yours with your sister, your like-a-sister, your daughter, a colleague, a busy mom... the list of those who deserve it is endless. And that's why we include gift-wrap in every Joya box.

Our goal is to help women feel as lucky as we do. 

Because we believe when you spread the wealth, you spread the Joya.